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Support Detroit Public TV

Support quality programming. Support Detroit Public TV.

If you watch Detroit Public TV, now is the time to support your favorite programs. It’s a smart investment: as our membership grows and revenues increase, more great programs come back to you.

The support we receive from generous viewers like you provides our most reliable source of revenue – and a significant portion of our programming budget. Our commitment to the community has never been greater. And the very best way to keep the programs you love coming is by donating to DPTV today with a tax-deductible membership gift.

Become a Sustainer

Become a Sustainer

With a minimum of $5 a month, you can have a lasting impact on the programming you enjoy through automatic monthly payments from your charge account or from your checking account.

Kids Club Membership

One-year membership to the Kids Club with extra benefits including a birthday card, access to PBS character meet and greets, and other events.

Society for Excellence

The Society’s mission is to bring members together for unique experiences that celebrate public television’s commitment to educate, entertain and inspire.

Smith Leadership Circle

Direct your gift to programming in one of the five named program categories.

Write A Free Will

We’ve partnered with FreeWill to help Detroit Public TV viewers create a legal estate plan — and create a legacy that supports our programming for future generations.

Legacy Leaders

Help shape the future by naming Detroit Public Television in your will.

Gift of Stock

Make a gift to Detroit Public Television using stocks and securities.

Tribute Donation

Make a tribute donation to DPTV recognizing the person you wish to honor.

Other Ways to Give

Box Office

Check out tickets and events at the station and around the city.

Matching Gifts

Direct your gift to programming in one of the five named program categories.

Donate Your Car

Donate your vehicle to DPTV and receive a tax deduction when you itemize your return.

DPTV Passport

Image - DPTV-Passport-Logo.png Find out about the new member benefit that lets you watch your favorite shows anytime.


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