Michigan Stories of Service

“UMOJA,” by award-winning filmmaker Justin R. Brown, is the heartwarming story of Frank-Antoine Marzin and his quest to find the missing pieces in his life. Marzin was born in Vietnam but put up for adoption soon after birth. He was adopted by a French couple and grew up happily in Northern France, but always wondered who his birth parents were as he speculated and searched for over four decades. Through the miracle of DNA, he finally discovered his father, Vietnam Veteran Asamu Johnson, living in western Michigan. Now the two are meeting for the first time in person in what is sure to be a moment of eternity. 

Stories in Their Own Words

Every veteran has their own story to tell. Here you can dive into five personal stories of veterans from across Michigan who served in different branches of the military through different wars.

PBS Documentary Series “American Veteran”

Today, America has nearly 18 million living military veterans, from the “Greatest Generation” to men and women coming home from recent tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  They join the now-silent ranks of American veterans reaching back to our earliest conflict, the Revolutionary War.

American Veteran illuminates the veteran experience with a stunning range of voices from today and across the arc of American history.

Veterans Resources

Michigan Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs
Working to provide quality services to Michigan’s 700,000 veterans.

Sesame Street for Military Families
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Areas of Expertise: Family Support

Download a list of Veterans Courts in Michigan.

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