Learning in the Wild

Learning in the Wild will entertain young people and their families while also inspiring them with valuable lessons about the importance of the wilderness and how to engage with it safely.

Michigan is home to some of the most profound natural scenery in the world, but too many young people are not exposed to the outdoors. Learning in the Wild showcases efforts to provide access to wilderness activities to children, including those from economically-disadvantaged families.

Discover the beauty of the great outdoors and learn about activities like hunting, fishing, swimming, canoeing and archery all while learning about wildlife.

The Michigan Wildlife Council supports Detroit Public TV and Learning in the Wild.

Learning in the Wild: Introduction

The Riley Wilderness Youth Camp puts children in direct contact with great outdoors.

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Learning in the Wild: Survival Skills

Campers at the Riley Wilderness Youth Camp learn the skills they need to survive.

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Learning in the Wild: Water Sports

At the Riley Wilderness Youth Camp campers are exposed to water activities on Cedar Lake.

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Learning in the Wild: Hunter Safety

Campers take part in archery, rifle shooting and hunter safety classes.

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Archery at Farmington Hills’ Heritage Park

The public archery range at Heritage Hills Park gives a place for archers of all abilities.

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