Louder than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story

Premiered on Detroit Public TV December 18, 2015

The Grande Ballroom paved the way for the Detroit Rock scene as one of the major epicenters during the 1960’s. While the rest of the world was chilling and listening to the songs of the “Summer of Love,” Detroit was creating a sound all of its own and it was LOUDER THAN LOVE! From artists like Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent to Iggy & the Stooges, the stage of the Grande Ballroom was blasting and jamming as one of the greatest rock and roll venues in the world.

Louder than Love is a special program that showcases the true story of The Grande Ballroom. Watch, listen and learn from music icons like BB King, Slash, Alice Cooper, Roger Daltrey and many others, as they tell the story of the impact that the Grande Ballroom had not only on the City of Detroit, but on the world of Rock and Roll. See the vision of Russ Gibb come to life before your very eyes and witness the history that was made right in our own city. Directed and produced by Tony D’Annunzio and edited by Karl Rausch- it truly is the greatest untold story of rock and roll.

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