Inside Grand Hotel


With Inside Grand Hotel, an original production of Detroit Public Television, viewers can explore Grand Hotel’s iconic spaces to learn what has made this unique property an icon of success for 130 years.  Cameras become virtual guests at the hotel, exploring some of the rooms and suites that most guests never see while sharing how the hotel continues to find new ways to pamper and promote the relaxation of its guests.

Along with Grand Hotel’s history, the program also tells a fascinating business story. Go behind the scenes to see how Grand Hotel’s kitchens are able to provide five-course dinner service to more than a thousand guests every evening; how the staff is recruited, housed, and deployed across the hotel each day; and how the main hotel supports the growing number of satellite operations that are all overseen by Grand Hotel. See how the hotel successfully manages the challenges of its dependence on ferries and horse-drawn carriages to deliver necessary food and supplies or the intricacies of a business model that depends on maximizing a short summer season before ice closes the island for winter. This program will also explore some of the theme weekends Grand Hotel promotes to draw an ever-expanding number of patrons and fans to the property.

Dan Musser, President, Grand Hotel and Dan Loepp, CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan discuss the new documentary with Christy McDonald at the Mackinac Policy Conference from the lobby of the Grand Hotel, June 2, 2016.