Detroit Remember When: Made in the Motor City

Better Made Potato Chips, Sanders Fudge, Velvet Peanut Butter, Gratiot Auto Supply and Jo-Jo Shutty McGregor are among the brands, landmarks and people that have played a major role in defining Detroit and Detroiters’ identity to the rest of the country.

Narrated by broadcast legend, Erik Smith, and through the lens of filmmaker Bill Kubota, the documentary will take viewers cruising through the Woodward Gratiot automotive corridor, dining at American Coney Island and Buddy’s Pizza, while listening to the voices of famous Detroit personalities such as Jo-Jo Shutty McGregor and Ken Calvert. The film will also include interviews with the likes of Brian Jefferson, the CEO of Sanders Fudge and Keith Wunderlich, the author of Vernor’s Ginger Ale.

Executive Producer – Ed Moore
Award-winning producer/director Ed Moore is a highly regarded by PBS for his insightful storytelling which conveys often highly technical information in a disarming, jargon-free manner. Winner of the DuPont-Columbia University award for his documentary, Beyond the Light Switch.