Armenian Heritage Night

Detroit Public TV honored the Armenian community December 14, 2020 as we hosted a heartfelt evening exploring the culture and history of a group that has endured and worked to overcome the long shadow of genocide.


100 Years From Home

“100 Years from Home” is a vivid portrait of an American woman grappling with questions about cultural identity, intergenerational trauma, family, survival, and finding her place in her community and the world. The picture follows an American woman’s journey as she searches for her great-grandparents’ house in modern-day Turkey, which they were forced to abandon over a century ago during the Armenian Genocide in the Turkish Ottoman Empire that killed over 1.5 million Armenians during and after World War I. Learn More >

What Will Become of Us?

“What Will Become of Us” is a forward-looking feature documentary produced for public television distribution that speaks to the many immigrant communities who have experienced trauma. Today, often unrecognized, these tragic events create a burden for the younger generation, discouraging them from taking up their culture. “What Will Become of Us” follows six Armenian-Americans – famous and otherwise – as they navigate this solemn centennial and strive to forge identities for the next hundred years. Learn More >

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