Armenian Heritage Night

Detroit Public TV honored the Armenian community Friday, March 20, 2020, as we hosted a heartfelt evening to explore the culture and history of a group that has endured and worked to overcome the long shadow of genocide.


What Will Become of Us?

Their struggle speaks to the many immigrant communities who have experienced trauma. 100 years ago, Armenians were nearly annihilated by genocide. Today, often unrecognized, it remains defining – while the long shadow of the Genocide creates a burden for young Armenian Americans, discouraging them from taking up their culture. What Will Become of Us follows six Armenian Americans – famous and otherwise – as they navigate the 100th Anniversary of the Genocide and strive to forge identities for the next 100 years. Can Armenian Americans create a new future – honoring their past, while unshackling themselves from its trauma? Learn More >

The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide is the story of the more than one million Armenians who died at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in World War I.

Produced by Emmy Award-winner Andrew Goldberg. The program is narrated by Julianna Margulies, Ed Harris, Natalie Portman, Laura Linney, Orlando Bloom and others.  It includes interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning author (and current US Ambassador to the UN) Samantha Power, as well as never-before-seen historical footage.

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