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Thank-A-Teacher Week

We want to Thank a Teacher all week long on the Michigan Learning Channel and we need your help!

From preschool all the way up to adults, we want you to record a short video – 30 seconds or less – honoring your favorite teacher.

Helpful tips:

  • Please complete a media release. We can’t include your amazing video without written permission
  • Introduce yourself! For minors, please use first names only.
  • Tell us who is (or was) your favorite teacher and why.
  • Make sure you have good sound and picture the entire 30 seconds.
  • Landscape mode please! If using a cell phone to record, turn the device sideways/horizontal to get a wider picture
  • Make sure your lighting is in front of you, and not behind. Move around the room to find the least shadows.
  • Please do not use virtual backgrounds

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