We’ve gathered some of our favorite Sid the Science Kid activities for you to explore with your young scientists. Find on-demand family workshops, printables, and more!

Sid the Science Kid Extension Activities

Enjoy these additional extension activities that allow your little one to explore light and darkness. These ideas could be used in a classroom setting, or at home as family-bonding activities.

Light Scavenger Hunt

There are lots of different sources of light. Some are natural — like the sun or stars — and some are artificial — like light bulbs in lamps. We’re going on a scavenger hunt to identify light sources in the environment.

Cave of Darkness

Sid and his friends agree. Sometimes darkness can be scary. Finding out that things don’t change in the dark and that darkness is just the absence of light helps Sid feel better about the dark. Exploring darkness in a fun way helps, too!

Shadow Puppets

Make your own shadow puppets and make predictions about how the shadow will look different form the puppet, and how it will look the same.

This activity comes with a lesson plan for parents and teachers to extend the learning into their home or classroom.

Sid the Science Kid Coloring Page

A tree stump can be a great habitat for little creatures. After your little ones finish coloring, have your young scientist draw the creatures they think Sid and May are observing.

Here’s another tip:  Go outside and explore! Encourage your little one to find interesting items in nature. When you go back inside, ask them to draw the items they discovered during your adventure.

Kid-Approved Sid the Science Kid Games

Detroit PBS Kid Mateo

We asked our good buddy, Mateo, to test some Sid the Science Kid games. Here are his top picks:


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