Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take and when will a producer hear back?

Submissions are considered on an ongoing basis. Given the volume of submissions, it can take up to a month or more for a decision to be made. If the submission is accepted, the producer will be contacted.

Does DPTV pay for content?

If the content is accepted by DPTV, the producer will enter into a license agreement with DPTV for the licensing of the content. DPTV does not generally pay to license locally produced content.

Where else does DPTV get its content from?

DPTV broadcasts a range of national, regional and local programming from a variety of sources other than PBS, including but not limited to independent producers and national public television program distributors like American Public Television (APT) and the National Educational Television Association (NETA).

Is my content suitable for a PBS audience?

All content must meet FCC guidelines as well as DPTV editorial principles of independence, accuracy, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and accountability as well as DPTV technical standards. These principles are the cornerstone of DPTV’s commitment to serving the public interest and preserving the public’s trust. Learn more at: PBS Editorial Standards & Practices (2018).

Why was my submission not accepted?

A submission is judged on its completeness and the content/technical quality of the program and the needs of DPTV.

  • Application was incomplete
  • Program did not align with our current content priorities or local initiatives
  • Program did not display DPTV’s commitment to DEI to deliver a broad and diverse array of content that reflects the diverse audiences we serve
  • Program did not share a story connected to the Detroit region
  • Program had poor technical quality
  • Program does not align with DPTV editorial standards and practices

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