Digital Innovator All-Stars

Mr. Emmanuel Smith, PBS Digital Innovator All-Star Class of 2022

Smith is the founder of Mr. E in the D. His vision is to equip today’s youth with the character and academic habits necessary for them to be responsible citizens. As the Dean of Culture of a Detroit area charter school, Mr. Smith is in charge of creating and monitoring inschool programing that supports an environment conducive to learning. Mr. Smith has over 19 years of experience working with the youth in Suburban and urban communities. Active in the community, Mr. Smith has volunteered for several organizations including Redeemed Christian Fellowship, Man Up, The Boys and Girls Club and the Hood Tour, which were neighborhood empowerment initiatives. Mr. Smith is very responsive in his work through the Mr. E in the D program. When he noticed that students in which he engaged with daily were struggling to learn and retain knowledge around their multiplication factions and letter sounds, he penned and recorded educational songs that help students in learning their multiplication facts and letter sounds. The work Mr. Smith does daily is his mission-driven work which is to Engage, Excite, and Foster a love for learning through the arts.

The PBS Digital Innovator All-Star program brings together a community of PreK-12th grade educators who are innovators and leaders both in and outside of the classroom. Specifically, Digital Innovator All-Stars are selected from a cohort of educators who are doing extraordinary work supporting student learning by integrating media and digital technology in their teaching environments and inspiring students to use these tools in responsible, effective and empowering ways.  PBS Digital Innovator All-Stars will spend the 2022-2023 school year deepening engagement among students, families, educators, schools and their local PBS stations.

Learn more about the PBS Digital Innovator All-Star program.

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