Production Standards and Formats

Production Standards and Formats

Standard Broadcast Video content lengths:

30-minute program 26:46;00      90-minute program 1:26:46;00

60-minute program   56:46;00    120-minute program 1:56:46;00   

Digital video length varies

Broadcast Video format:

ProRes 422

Quicktime (.MOV) 1920×1980, 29.97 fps.


All programs presented to DPTV must meet the requirements set forth in the DPTV Program Technical & Packaging Specifications. DPTV guidelines are aligned with the PBS Technical and Production Standards.

PBS Technical Manual: PBS’s Technical Operating Specifications (TOS) Manual.

PBS Production Guidelines: PBS Producer’s Handbook (December 2019).


  • Content underwriting
  • Video Production credits
  • Video on-air offers and websites


The FCC requires all broadcast programs must include embedded closed-captioning. For more information, please visit FCC Closed-Captioning Guidelines.


Outside funding of projects is allowed. Any entities or individuals who voluntarily contribute money to finance your production, in part or in whole, be it an individual, corporation, small business or philanthropic organization must be disclosed and appropriately acknowledged on your content. Program funders are barred from exercising any editorial control over program content and are barred from advertising or endorsing any business, industry, product or service. DPTV maintains the highest journalistic standards of content oversight. Please note, all program underwriting and underwriting messages MUST be approved by DPTV and must adhere to PBS’ National Guidelines for Underwriting.

Learn more at PBS Funding Standards & Practices (2018).


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