Roadtrip Nation: A Single Mom’s Story

Roadtrip Nation: A Single Mom’s Story

Premiering on Detroit Public TV Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 11pm ET

Single mothers are often called superheroes, but we don’t always give them the support to explore how they could change the world for themselves, and for their family. Roadtrip Nation’s newest one-hour documentary, “Roadtrip Nation: A Single Mom’s Story,” follows three single mothers driven to succeed despite the odds stacked against them. Along the way, they hear the inspiring stories of other single mothers who have made it through raising children on their own alongside discovering who they want to be and building a life for themselves and for their kids.

Follow along as Gabby, Kiera, and Maliaq—three single mothers on a mission to meet and learn from other single moms in fields like law, clothing design, science, and more—travel across the country in search of what it looks like to pave your own career path. You’ll meet inspiring people like Amy Yeung, the founder of Orenda Tribe, a clothing line dedicated to helping Native American designers pursue their fashion goals; Elisa Peterson, a visual artist and writer who also co-hosts the Cool Moms podcast; and Felicia Rice, a microbiologist at the Mayo Clinic.

The roadtrippers themselves are eager to explore their various interests. Gabby is a community college student studying nursing—she wants to be a role model to her girls and show them the importance of education. Three months after her first daughter was born, Gabby started on the night shift as a drugstore cashier and worked her way up to being a pharmacy technician. Still, she’s unsure if a long-term career in medicine is right for her. Kiera is obsessed with geology and rocks of all kinds. She’s been told she could never make a living off that interest, but she’s using this road trip as motivational fuel to go after her dream and study geology. She’s a single mom to two kids and is tired of working low-paying jobs that take her away from her family. Her hope is to find a fulfilling career that’s not just about money, but is secure enough to afford her plenty of time with her children. Maliaq is an online student pursuing a computer science degree. Hailing from Alaska, she hopes she can one day recommend the path she’s on to others in her Yu’pik/Athabaskan community. Often, she feels like the black sheep of the family since she’s the only one without an advanced degree, and she’s eager to provide the best life possible for her son so they can both start thriving, on top of surviving.

Along the way, Gabby, Kiera, and Maliaq discover that pursuing their education and career is just one way they can invest in themselves. When they reach out, the resources to explore their interests and find support, community, and empowerment are far greater than they first imagined. It will always be challenging to build a career while supporting a family, but the resiliency and ingenuity they’ve developed as single mothers gives them the tools to succeed on whatever path they hope to pursue.


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