George Riley Legend of the Hunt - image from Ferris State University

George Riley: Legend of the Hunt

Watch Thursday, March 18, 2021, 8:30pm ET

A man synonymous with philanthropy, George Riley gave back to our community in countless ways during his lifetime. There’s the Riley Skatepark in Farmington Hills, the Riley Wilderness Youth Camp in Chelsea, the donation he made to preserve a PB4Y plane he flew in during the Korean War, and numerous other contributions helping to bolster recreational and cultural experiences in Michigan.

When George passed away in 2018, he continued his legacy of generosity, making his best friend and business partner, Leonard Kruszewski executor of his estate. George trusted Leonard would know just what to do with one of his most unique treasures, a collection of all the animals he had curated in his approximately 50 years of hunting.  The animals in his collection tell the story of how he ventured to exotic regions all over the world. The specimens he curated also illustrate the importance of educating the public on preserving the natural aspects of these regions. George knew there would be an organization that could use these animals in just that way, to promote his love of nature and conservationism. George Riley: Legend of the Hunt tells the story of how Leonard found the perfect recipient of Riley’s collection in Ferris State University.

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