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Using Music to Reinforce Routines

Are you having trouble getting your little ones to wind down for bed? Try this.

When I was going to school to learn about early childhood education, I learned the value of having a predictable routine with young children. It can really help them feel safe and can really reduce some of the challenging behavior. 

Detroit Symphony Orchestra clarinetist, Shannon Orme, joined us to illustrate how music can drastically affect our mood. For parents and caregivers, using music can be a powerful technique to help your children deal with routines. 

What if you played an upbeat wake-up song in the morning when your kids were waking up, and a slower, calm-down song at night when they are getting ready for bed? This gives your kids cues of what is coming next, which can also make them feel safe and reduce some of the challenging behaviors that might happen when we feel stuck at home. Give it a try.

Tara Hardy, Education Manager, Detroit Public Television

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