Detroit Remember When: Robin Seymour

Rockin’ Robin: A Tribute to Robin Seymour

Rockin’ Robin: A Tribute to Robin Seymour

If you grew up here in Detroit, chances are Robin Seymour narrated your musical memories as one of the city’s most popular DJs, whose career stretched back to dawn of rock and roll in the 1950s. He passed away in April of this year, but his role in Detroit broadcasting history won’t be forgotten.

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  1. Lisa A Thomas

    How do I watch from California

    1. Cheryl Jones

      We’ll be livestreaming the show right here on this page. Tune-in 11/30 at 8p ET. It will not be available on-demand, but it will be available as a thank you gift for a donation to the station.

    2. Bonnie Montgomery

      Thank you for streaming this for us out of state (CA) This is a remarkable experience.

  2. JM Alexander

    Great memories watching Swing Time after school.

    1. Mark

      I believe it was called SWINGIN TIME. From Windsor Ontario. My sister was on that show LIVE!!!

  3. Sue Wilcox

    I was on swinging in my eatly teens.At CKLW Windsor ont.Would be nice to see tribute and old tapes if Swinging Time.

  4. Edy

    So sorry I missed this treasure! I grew up in Detroit and listened to Robin every day. Will I be able to stream the repeat all the way here in Hawaii?

    1. Cheryl Jones

      Hi, you didn’t miss it yet. It airs on 11/30 at 8p ET – at that time you can watch the livestream here. Or you can purchase a video of the show here –

      Thanks for your support!

  5. Al Tochet

    Robin’s theme song, “Rockin’ with the Robin” was recorded by The Four Lads before they were popular.

    1. Al Tochet

      Correction: “Bobbin’ with the Robin “

  6. Jean Swaffer

    I had the honor of meeting Mr. Seymour last year in Novi at the Radio Reunion. What a fantastic day!

  7. Carolyn

    Beautiful memories watching Swing Time after school. I would always tell my friends that when I became old enough, I was going to be part of Swinging Time!!

  8. michael marrs

    he also used to do a dance show at CKLW in canada , that we would go to

  9. elaine

    Oh man. Your web site is posting for November 30.

    I am a Passport member at CETConnect in Cincinnati. Can I use my CET Passport to watch the Robin Seymour show.

    It’s December 1.

    1. Cheryl Jones

      Hi Elaine, Thank you for your interest! You can watch live on this page at 8p. This program will not be available on Passport, at this time.

    2. elaine

      Oops. It’s novemver 30th, not December 1st. Is the Robin Seymour show streaming live tonight at 9??????

      1. Cheryl Jones

        That’s tonight, Monday, Novembe 30 at 8pm ET.

  10. Lin Talbot-Koehl

    If we can supposedly watch it on this website….why is it telling me I CAN’T? I’m in OH, about 2 hrs away from Detroit.

    1. Cheryl Jones

      Hi Lin, There are two separate streams – you will be able to watch on this page! I put a link to this page on the local live page, so hopefully, it will be more clear to folks. Thanks for your interest!

  11. Marty Eddy

    What a wonderful trip in the Wayback Machine! Kudos to Bill Kubota and the production team.

  12. Steve Cousins

    Will the Robin Seymour documentary be shown again? Missed it last night.

  13. Denise

    Spent almost every Saturday dancing on “Swinging Time”. I wish I could see old videos from that time. CKLW and Robin Seymour!! You rock!!

  14. dennis butlin

    can you put this on dvd

    1. Cheryl Jones

      We will let the producer know you’re interested in a DVD! Thank you!

  15. Dennis Walikainen

    Can this be downloaded anywhere?


    1. Cheryl Jones

      No, but this is available for digital viewing as a member of Detroit Public TV via DPTV Passport. Learn more about Passport at Thanks for watching!