Guru Nanak: The Founder Of Sikhism

Guru Nanak: The Founder Of Sikhism

Airs Sunday, 12/13, at 11am on WTVS Detroit Public TV

Recounts the life story of the 15th century teacher and revolutionary activist from Punjab, India who founded the Sikh faith – the world’s fifth largest religion. The documentary also explores how Guru Nanak’s legacy inspires Sikh Americans today – including Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Snatam Kaur and Hoboken, New Jersey mayor Ravi Bhalla – to exercise compassion, take risks, challenge established norms, and help others.

Check out the first in a One Detroit series that explores different faith communities here in Southeast Michigan, where viewers get to learn through the eyes of students. It’s part of the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metro Detroit’s program called ‘Religious Diversity Journeys’. In this video, we join local student, Kennedy, as she takes a tour to learn more about Sikhism, a religion that preaches love, peace, and the equality of humankind. WATCH HERE >

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