Silent Hero: Carmen Williams

COVID-19 Survivor

Carmen Williams experienced first-hand the horrors of COVID-19. After testing positive for the disease, she was instructed to quarantine at home. This sounds simple – except Carmen is also a single mom of three children, aged 3, 5, and 15. In this special edition of Silent Heroes, Carmen shares what it was like testing positive for COVID-19 and isolating herself at home and away from her young children.

Plus, Tara talks with Yolanda Eddins of New Paradigm for Education about some resources that are available to other parents and families who are dealing with the disease. Yolanda is the Director of Community and Parent Affairs at New Paradigm for Education, and is part of the network that supported Carmen while she was sick with COVID.

We were amazed by Carmen’s resilience and courage. Thank you for being a Silent Hero!

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