april angle

Silent Hero: April Angle

Detroit Edison Public School Academy

“I really wish my parents and my students all knew that everything I do is from the heart.”

April Angle is a fifth grade teacher at Detroit Edison Public School Academy of the New Paradigm for Education district in Detroit. When COVID-19 closed her school building, she and her colleagues had to make a swift transition to online learning. At a time when some students and parents are burnt out or overwhelmed by the rigors of online learning, April’s students maintain high attendance and engagement for her digital class sessions. And this doesn’t happen by accident. April works around-the-clock – long after the her last class is taught – to stay in touch with her students’ parents.

We thank April for her dedication to her students and families!

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  1. Bianca Mays

    Yes! April Angle is a true hero to her scholars as well as the DEPSA team! We love and appreciate her immensely! Thank you Queen!

    1. Ms. RIngo

      Great job Ms. Angle!

  2. Paul Szymanski

    We need more teachers like Mrs. Angle to keep students as the focus, regardless of how were reaching them. Virtually or in-person, the impact Mrs. Angle has on student learning is evident and she’s not letting anything get in her way to provide the level of teaching each student deserves.

  3. Danelle N Marsh

    Mrs Angle has been the same since I met her when she had a few of our older children, she now has our last baby girl now as a 5th grader. She is soooo encouraging, hopeful, and truly sincere for her students and parents. I am sooo grateful to have crossed her path and that she was chosen as a gift to be our children teacher. I so happy for you Mrs. Angle know you are Loved!

    Congratulations Love Mrs. Marsh!