Silent Hero: Abigail VanBuhler

Ford Early Learning Center

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Abigail VanBuhler is a site coordinator for EMU Bright Futures’ 21st CCLC after school program at Ford Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti, MI. In her role at Ford, she serves a community of kindergarten and first-grade youth and their families.

When COVID-19 forced the closing of her school, her first reaction was sadness because she knew she would miss her students. But almost immediately, Mrs. VanBuhler sprang into action. “I thought, ‘I need to be able to connect with my students in a way that lets them know that they are loved…that they matter. That despite this time apart, we are still there for them.”

Using the media production skills she’d learned from a professional development training, Mrs. VanBuhler started working on her first video for her students. And that one video has grown into a series of over 30 videos on her YouTube channel – despite the tremendous amount of time and energy each video takes to create. It isn’t unusual for Mrs. V to work for 10-12 hours each day, yet she continues. Because it matters to the children and families she serves.

We thank Mrs. VanBuhler for all that she does for her students. Thank you for being one of our Silent Heroes!

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