Governor’s Town Hall – Gov. Whitmer to answer questions about COVID-19


For the first time, commercial and public television stations in the Detroit market will partner to produce and broadcast a “Governor’s Town Hall”. We provided viewers the opportunity to ask questions of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer during this time of crisis.

Channels 2 (WJBK-TV), 4 (WDIV-TV), 7 (WXYZ-TV), 20 (WMYD-TV), 50 (WKBD-TV), 56 (WTVS-TV) and 62 (WWJ-TV) broadcast the Town Hall on Thursday April 2, 2020. The special was picked up by most television stations in Michigan, in partnership with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters.

The Town Hall was hosted by Detroit news anchors Carolyn Clifford (WXYZ-TV), Huel Perkins (WJBK-TV) and Devin Scillian (WDIV-TV), with an introduction by One Detroit’s Christy McDonald. Each station offered opportunities to its viewers to submit questions for the Governor online and were answered during the broadcast. The anchors hosted from their stations’ respective studios, while the Governor joined from Lansing.

The Town Hall is now available on-demand here and on Facebook.

The general managers of the participating stations believe that combining their collective reach and impact in the community will provide the community with the unfiltered information that is necessary as viewers all cope with the impact of COVID-19, particularly in Michigan, one of the hardest-hit states.

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  1. Brenda Shaddon


  2. Jeannie Thompson

    Would like to set up a station at state testareas for truckers that have no access to hot meals . tried to call governor would like her permission to do so . no cost to the truckers. Donation to them .

  3. Caitlyn

    Is there going to be childcare provided for essential healthcare workers?

  4. Carol Bowman

    What to do for prison in Michigan

  5. David Turnbull

    Why is the unemployment office under your watch so far behind, and all we hear is to be paitent.

  6. Patti Zimmerman

    Please ask Gov Whitmer to tell us WHY we can’t ride our motorcycle, but it’s ok to ride a bycycle dureing this stay at home order. I don’t see any difference.
    Thank you

    1. Cheryl Jones

      Thanks, Patti: We’ve submitted your question.

  7. David Fair

    We keep hearing that more test kits are needed, so what is being done to obtain enough to find out who is positive, and who is not, so those that are positive can all be treated, and the ones who test negative can get back to work. When can this happen?

  8. WilliAm pAlmer

    About stimcheecks. A person who did file. A 2018 or 2019 tax is it true those Persons won.t get a cheek

  9. Mrs. Doe

    The city of Detroit Forestry department is being told to go to work to trim trees beautifying the neighborhoods, while other city departments are being paid to stay home. The ground maintenance division was told to work Saturday and Sunday while Supervison stay home. Repeat it request was for the employees to stay home but was ignored by management and I’m afraid for my husband. Thank you and looking for a response

    1. Cheryl Jones

      There is guidance for Employers and Workers on the website. There should be a place to contact someone in their office there. I’m sorry this was received after the Town Hall. We’ll put it in queue if there will be another.

  10. Hilary Galey

    Why is our hospital opening up out patient cardiac rehab and PT and OT for “healthy patients “?

  11. Lori

    I can no longer deliver items to my mother in an assisted living facility. Previously the bag is left at the second locked door and the caretakers keep the items from her for 24 hours (I disinfect all in the bag including the bag.)
    As of April 10, 2020 if the items are considered “not essential” they cannot be delivered.
    My mom has been isolated in her room along with the other residents since March 12, 2020. How is withholding disinfected items from an Alzheimer’s resident (crossword puzzles, treats, Easter card, packaged breakfast bites to eat with her coffee in the morning) helping her?
    Thank you,

  12. paul

    when will beverage containers be able to be return for our deposit’ as bottles cans and other debris clutter our roadways?

  13. Please Governor Whitmer lead by example and wear a damn mask during all your broadcasts.
    Actions speak louder than words an would go a long way. Thanks for your time.
    Roger Michael

  14. We are disappointed that you have chosen to make this virus a political issue instead of focusing on making rational decisions.

  15. steve lee

    The Govenor needs to get her definitions down, Public spaces are spaces owned by the public ,like the office she is in. A grocery store is aprivate building that allows the public in. So, why isn’t she wearing a mask? Its because she likes to make rules but not follow them

  16. Wendy Hale

    Hi Gretchen, I work in a grocery store in SW Mi. Just today I saw so many come in without masks, and whole families coming in. There is no reason for mom, dad, and 3 kids to come in. Also so many IL. People who aren’t masking up either, and coming in with their friends. I was so glad you made steps to enforce the public to wear a mask. It isn’t easy to get use to a mask, but I would like to say to them “please mask up for the time your in the store, get in and get out! Don’t socialize in our aisle’s and remember we have to wear these mask ALL day long, the least they could do is wear it for a short time they are shopping” ( for “jelly beans for my wife”) true story. Thank you, your doing a great job. Please don’t let the negative red neck mentally get to you, you are strong!

  17. Walter Stephens

    I am the president of a private beach association in Waterford twp. our beach also has a boat launch. I would like to know if we are able to open the beach with the boat launch or if we have to close both? Thank you

    1. Cheryl Jones

      Hello, Thanks for your question. The time for asking the governor questions through the town hall is over. I think the Michigan DNR may be a helpful resource for you –,4570,7-350-79137_79770_79781—,00.html

  18. Gary Knight

    The time Michigan has been on the stay at home order , why is Michigan number 3 on the death list , if the stay at home was working Michigan death rate would be lower , Right? Where is the information that the governor keeps saying science , what science, who is testing this science?

  19. Gary Knight

    Just read a article bout wearing mask, it’s from the CDC&P , states that wearing masks are much better than stay at home order, maybe governor Whitmer should get the right information before she just showed that she’s just power hungry. Good thing she’s getting a pay check , I didn’t forget bout the 10 percent cut, people that own small business would be very happy with ten percent less , because that’s better than the zero dollars coming in ! She should join Joe Biden so when TRUMP wins again , she will be out of job lol , have a blessed and healthy day.

  20. Gary Knight

    Why is Michigan so high on the death rate , yet FLA is very low , 66 percent of the people in New York who died from the viruse were stay at home order, this doesn’t make sense , masks are better than staying home, Whitmer needs to stop trying to be queen and let Michigan open ! Whitmer needs to go ! God Bless everyone!!