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Detroit Public TV and Detroit Free Press and Announce Partnership

Both media entities will work together to amplify each other’s content and collaborate on new opportunities during current crisis and beyond

These are challenging times for us all, and the public needs local media to step up as never before not only to deliver reliable, up-to-date news and information but also to serve our community as it navigates the COVID-19 crisis.

This is true in the world of arts and culture as it is in many other areas of life.

With this in mind, I am pleased to inform you that the Detroit Free Press and Detroit Public Television are becoming partners to support both media entities’ commitment to arts and culture in the Detroit region. As the arts community copes with the coronavirus pandemic, we will come together to share some content and programming initiatives.

On Sunday, the Free Press arts and entertainment team is publishing a special section on the impact COVID-19 is having on the local arts and culture community. It will take a deep look at, among other things, how performing arts spaces and cultural organizations are coping with the current shutdown, what life is like for individual artists, how social distancing is affecting the way in which we consume movies and television series and what the future might look like once a new normal is reached.

“We are announcing this partnership in the spirit of today’s special section devoted to arts and culture at this difficult time,” Free Press Editor Peter Bhatia said. “Both DPTV and the Free Press are dedicated to public service, and to our communities.”

The Free Press will support DPTV and WRCJ’s arts and culture initiative to showcase performances from the past and today, and DPTV arts experts will occasionally be featured in the Free Press.

Once the stay-at-home orders come to an end, the two media organizations plan to collaborate on an event series to help bring performance back to our region and to promote fundraising efforts to support local arts organizations.

At Detroit Public TV, we look forward to working with Detroit Free Press. Both of us are strongly committed to helping the people of Detroit and the region survive this crisis and plan for a better, safer and equitable future.

Rich Homberg
President and CEO
Detroit Public TV – @RichHomberg

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