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Veterans Programs & Resources

Check out Veteran's Day programming airing on Detroit Public Television:

Thursday, May 23

10pm - The Registry (local): Two World War II veterans who are best friends yet never actual met, join forces to learn more about the mysterious US Army’s Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in which they were both a part of during the war. Follow them on their journey to find out what happened to the unit’s over 7,000 soldiers.


Sunday, May 26

8pm - National Memorial Day Concert: Join hosts Joe Mantegna and Mary McCormack for the 30th anniversary live broadcast of America’s national night of remembrance from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, featuring the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Jack Everly.


Monday, May 27

10pm - Going to War: Authors Sebastian Junger and Karl Marlantes provide insight into what it's like to be a soldier in times of war, including training, battle and coming home.

11pm - D-Day at Pointe du Hoc: The U.S. Army's 2nd Ranger Battalion scales the 100-foot cliffs of Pointe du Hoc in Normandy on June 6, 1944, on a mission to destroy six German cannons.


Thursday, May 30

9pm - Remember Pearl Harbor: The personal stories of veterans and citizens who witnessed the attack on the American Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

10:30pm - Into Harm's Way: Members of the West Point Class of 1967 recall their combat experiences in Vietnam and what their lives were like upon returning home.

Veterans' Stories


Ken Burns on the film, "The Vietnam War"


Producers Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein discuss "The Vietnam War"


Dave Schoenherr | The Vietnam War


Veterans Stories of Services


Veterans Hiring 101 


Michigan Veterans Hiring Summit


Mackinac Policy Conference Veterans Showcase


2013 Governor's Summit on Veterans


Michigan Veterans Stories 2014


A Salute to Veterans


Michigan Veterans Foundation | American Black Journal


Detroit Performs Clip: Veterans Model Project


Veterans Art | Detroit Performs Full Episode

 A special edition honoring our war heroes.


Veterans Entering the Workforce: An Economic Advantage to Michigan


Detroit Performs Clip | Best of Season 2 - Veterans Service Project


WTVS Veteran's Weekend Membership Appeal


Detroit Performs Clip: Soldiers' Stories


Healthy Piquette Program | American Black Journal Clip

The “Healthy Piquette” program, a partnership between Southwest Solutions and the Detroit Medical Center Foundation, teaches formerly homeless veterans how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Veterans Resources

Michigan Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs

Working to provide quality services to Michigan's 700,000 veterans.

Sesame Street for Military Families

View the App Android or iPhone
Areas of Expertise: Family Support 

Download a list of Veterans Courts in Michigan.


The Vietnam War premiered on Detroit Public TV September 2017.  Share your story >

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