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December Pledge Drive

Phone volunteers are needed for our December Pledge Drive, which runs from Monday, November 27 through Friday, December 15 at the DPTV Studios in Wixom.  Dinner will be provided by Buddy's Pizza.  If you would like to volunteer with a group please email with your desired pledge night and we will place a hold on the volunteer spots.

We are in need of 12-15 volunteers per shift to help answer pledge calls for this fundraising event.

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Thank You

Volunteer Appreciation Party | April 2016

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.png  

Over 100 valued participants attended our Volunteer Appreciation Party at the Riley Broadcast Center in April. Staff and volunteers mingled over beverages, appetizers and dinner. It was a great time had by all!

Please use this link to view the photos of YOUR Volunteer Appreciation Party!


Volunteer for WRCJ 90.9FM

Detroit Public TV also enlists volunteers for our listener supported radio station, WRCJ 90.9 FM, which is a classical and jazz station housed in midtown at the Detroit School for the Fine & Performing Arts. Please email  Mary Anne Mead if you’d like us to send you some information about volunteering at WRCJ.


Michelle Gaisser
Manager, Events & Volunteer Services

Rachel Brumley
Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Office | 248.305.3911
Main | 248.305.3788

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View photos of events YOU could volunteer at!

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Why should YOU volunteer?

"I believe others should volunteer because, first of all, it’s fun.  Second of all, for young people, it is a good way to learn new things and prepare for careers and enjoy more fully whatever position they take in the workforce.  For Seniors I would recommend volunteering because their experience and sociability is very important to others that they interact with. I also believe others should volunteer because it will provide them with not only a sense of but participation in the American Experience.

Volunteering is part and parcel of the American Scene and allows to get to know others and understand them by working with them.  There is nothing like sharing a new experience with someone to get to know someone. They should also volunteer because they are likely to have access to more donuts in their life than if they did not."

Alfred Brock, Detroit Public TV Volunteer


Be a part of it

When we think of volunteers, we think of time. In our lives, one thing we cannot create, accumulate, acquire, buy or even borrow is time.  Therefore, an individual’s time is a very precious commodity. This makes your time, commitment and support to Detroit Public Television extra special and greatly appreciated.  

Thank you!

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