An Uncommon Education: Celebrating 200 Years of the University of Michigan

A True University - Episode 1 | University of Michigan Bicentennial

From its earliest origins, the University of Michigan has functioned under an idea first put forth by Thomas Jefferson, that a university education should be something everyone has access to, not just a privileged few. This segment begins to explore the benefits of higher education. 

University of Michigan: An Uncommon Education

Celebrating 200 Years of the University of Michigan

Over 200 years, the University of Michigan has borne leaders in every discipline that have shaped our lives in a multitude of ways, but always on a clear path that began in a classroom. An Uncommon Education – Celebrating 200 Years of the University of Michigan is a short-form documentary series to air on Detroit Public Television (DPTV) throughout 2017 as part of a multimedia effort to recognize 200 years of the University’s role as an educator and institution in the state, nation and world.

The University of Michigan, modern day Spread over ten broadcast and web vignettes, An Uncommon Education will not simply be an anecdotal, this-date-in-history review of major moments in the University’s timeline. Each vignette will attempt to track the evolution of how the institution ignited the sparks necessary for world-changing minds, attitudes and accomplishments from the 19th century through the new millennium.  Even the earliest stories of the University’s origins will not just deal with sepia-toned recollections, but will trace the repercussions of those events into our contemporary times and the future.

Civil Rights rally on the U of M campus 1960's Each vignette will be presented in a one-minute broadcast version that will run on DPTV during prime-time and weekend station breaks. These short versions will redirect to DPTV’s An Uncommon Education On Demand website, where viewers can watch full-length 7-8 minute versions that go more in-depth on each subject. These web versions will also be made available to the University to use on their website.  A new vignette will air every month starting in February 2017, culminating in the airing of a broadcast special in December 2017. 

An Uncommon Education: Celebrating 200 Years of the University of Michigan is made possible by a grant from the Stanley & Judith Frankel Family Foundation.


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Stanley & Judith Frankel Family Foundation

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