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7/9/15: Tuition Jump / Expert Advice for DPS / Registry Changes? / Empty Homes

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Some staggering numbers this week for students heading to college in Michigan this fall, as two universities decide to jack up tuition past the state’s cap. Even if you don’t have anyone going to college, the price of education and the lack of state funding will impact all of us here in the state. Also, as Detroit Public Schools drown in debt, education leaders come to the city to offer advice.

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7/2/15: Detroit Schools / Regional Transportation / Kevyn Orr / Roundtable Discussion

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Tonight on MiWeek, we hear what Governor Snyder, Mayor Duggan, and members of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren think about the future of Detroit schools. Plus, host Christy McDonald interviews CEO of the Regional Transit Authority, Michael Ford, about creating a master transportation plan for southeast Michigan.

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6/25/15: Gun Violence / The Supreme Court on Gay Marriage / The Confederate Flag

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Host Christy McDonald and contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley discuss gun violence, gay marriage and the recent controversy surrounding the confederate flag. They highlight points such as the rising crime rate, expectations from the impending Supreme Court decision and the negative symbolism associated with the confederate flag.

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12/3/15: A Conversation with Amber Arellano

Posted by miweek editor on

Christy McDonald has a wide-ranging interview with the head of The Education Trust-Midwest, Amber Arellano, on recent test scores, state education rankings, teacher development, and more.

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10/21/15: Governor Rick Snyder on MiWeek - LIVE

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will sit down with the MiWeek team for a half-hour conversation about his new education proposal that he outlined Monday, which includes creating a new Detroit School District devoted solely to teaching the 47,000 students while the current district will exist to address the mounting debt situation currently totaling $500 million.

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Gov. Rick Snyder: Move back to Detroit water provides best protection for public health in Flint

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Flint families and children will be better protected by reconnecting with the Great Lakes Water Authority as the source of the city’s drinking water until the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline is completed, Gov. Rick Snyder said.

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From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Bankole: Detroit problems persist after ’67 anniversary

If we are not careful, Detroit’s comeback will be equivalent to building castles in the air, Thompson says

Audi to debut Traffic Jam Pilot system

Next-generation Audi A8 rolling out semi-autonomous system

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