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10/15/15: Roads Impasse / Democratic Debate / Great Lakes Microbeads / The Big Game

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Despite a pledge by lawmakers to get a roads funding deal passed quickly, the negotiations have stalled. The MiWeeek team discusses about the sticking point and whether it can be resolved.

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10/8/15: Gun Debate / Mayor Duggan & DPS / Flint Water Follow-Up

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ayor Duggan and Detroit Public Schools – Mayor Duggan doesn’t want to run DPS, but he has a stake in improving the school system so that he can repopulate neighborhoods with families. The MiWeek team talks about the Mayor’s school reform plan. Plus, in wake of the elevated lead levels in Flint water, the state is distributing water filters and conducting water tests. Is this enough?

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10/1/15: Flint Water / Orville Hubbard Statue / Planned Parenthood

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Governor Snyder announces action will be taken in the Flint drinking water situation, where blood-lead levels in children have increased since Flint stopped getting its water from the Detroit system and started using water from the Flint River. The team debates why the city didn’t wait until the new pipeline to Lake Huron was built before dropping Detroit’s water.

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DJC | Crime & Punishment in Michigan

Last Updated by Lea Vigi on

The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country, but America’s “get tough on crime” era may be coming to an end.

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Black American Since MLK: And Still I Rise

Last Updated by Zosette Guir on

DPTV hosted a multi-faceted discussion around "Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise."

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House Bill 4138: Criminal Justice Reform in Michigan

Posted by Lea Vigi on

The Michigan Department of Correction’s budget this year tops $2 billion. The state spends about $35,000 a year for each of the 42,000 inmates behind prison walls.

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From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Niyo: It isn’t easy for NFL players to take a stand

As Tate told stories about Boldin, he also talked about him not being afraid of making a statement.

Howes: Job One for Hackett is delivering a faster Ford

Thats a delicate balancing act, the automotive equivalent of overhauling a Boeing 747 while its in flight

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