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6/25/15: Gun Violence / The Supreme Court on Gay Marriage / The Confederate Flag

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Host Christy McDonald and contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley discuss gun violence, gay marriage and the recent controversy surrounding the confederate flag. They highlight points such as the rising crime rate, expectations from the impending Supreme Court decision and the negative symbolism associated with the confederate flag.

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6/18/15: County Help / City Support / POTUS Poll / 2016 Budget

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans has one of the toughest jobs around. He inherited a huge deficit and quickly tried to make cuts to keep the county out of bankruptcy, or under emergency management. Now, Evans wants help from the state. We discuss what this means for the budget and county services.

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6/11/15: City Curfew / End Campus Assaults / Good Jobs / Pistons Partner?

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Summer is almost here and one of the most anticipated family events in Detroit takes place in just a couple of weeks: The annual fireworks celebration. But there is controversy surrounding the curfew. Tonight the MiWeek team examines why expanding the curfew for kids beyond the fireworks is a concern for some parents and community groups.

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9/3/15: Education in Michigan

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

As parents cheer wildly, kids across the state are getting ready to go back to school after Labor Day. But what kind of education are they getting here in Michigan and how does it compare to other state? Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson devote the entire show to education. Plus, an in-depth conversation w/ State Supt. Brian Whiston

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MiWeek Web Exclusive: Extended Dan Varner Interview (7/9/15)

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

As Detroit Public Schools closes out the fiscal year with a $238 million deficit, national education experts have been visiting the City at the invitation of Excellent Schools Detroit.  Christy interviews ESD CEO Dan Varner about the visits and what advice the school reformers are providing for improving education in Detroit.

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May 28, 2015: Mackinac Policy Conference 2015

Posted by MiWeek Editor on

Join Christy McDonald for a live broadcast with analysis and behind-the-scenes information from the 2015 Mackinac Policy Conference. With a focus on Talent, Urban Revitalization, and Cohesion, it's three days of the most important issues facing Michigan, and the next best thing to being there!

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From Stephen Henderson, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit Free Press

If Gorsuch values judicial independence, he'll withdraw

It’s the only way to take some of the air out of the escalating politicization of the judicial branch.

Henderson: Congress shouldn't take Trump's silly budget seriously

With a reckless pen, Donald Trump scribbles numbers onto paper, and trashes austerity in favor of outright brutality.

From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Howes: Health care debacle tests Trump business agenda

CEOs may have given the new administration and Republican-controlled Congress more credit than they deserve

Editor’s Note: Hands off our clocks, lawmakers

While the state’s schools and infrastructure continue to crumble, lawmakers are worrying about our clocks, Finley writes

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