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4/21/16: Flint Water Charges / MI Politics / MSTEP

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Criminal charges are filed against three officials involved in the Flint water crisis, and the state attorney general warns that more charges are coming.

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4/14/16: Flint Water Crisis / Michigan Education / 2016 Presidential Election

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Tonight, the MiWeek team talks Flint water crisis, education reform in Michigan, and the 2016 Presidential Election.

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4/7/16: Regional Transit / New DPS Superintendent / A Detroit Story / RE:Dream

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The MiWeek team discusses the new RTA ballot proposal for November and what it could mean for the area.

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Detroit, 1967: Riot or Rebellion?

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Two weeks before the fiftieth anniversary of the July 24, 1967 police raid that set off a week of looting, fires, shootings and killings across the city, Detroit public radio host Stephen Henderson talked about what we should call that historic event.

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Gordon Park, Detroit’s Ground Zero, 1967

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Riot? Rebellion? A city comes to terms with the ‘civil disturbance’ that changed everything.

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DJC | StoryCorps: A Father Tries to Protect His Record Store on 12th Street in 1967

Posted by Will Glover on

When StoryCorps last came to town, they recorded a series of interviews at the Urban Consulate in Detroit. In one of those interviews, Detroiter Marsha Music recounted how her father tried to protect his record store on 12th Street in the summer of 1967.

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From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Wojo: Flawed Lions still getting it done

Without a marquee running back and a suspect run defense, this team is continually finding a way to pull out victories.

Beard: Upcoming stretch will test Pistons' character

Two straight loses could easily snowball with an upcoming slate that includes the Timberwolves, Celtics and Cavaliers.

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