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10/6/16: Presidential Campaign / Congressional and Local Races

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he MiWeek team looks at how the VP candidates did in their debate, plus they discuss voter interest in this election and how it will impact the number of people who go to the polls.

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9/29/16: Presidential Endorsement / Debate Follow-Up / Re-imagining the Civic Commons

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The Detroit News makes a surprising endorsement for President, so we discuss the newspaper's historic decision. Plus, our roundtable has a lot to say about this week's Presidential debate.

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MiWeek Roadshow LIVE: Education and Our Schools - 9/22/16

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The MiWeek team hits the road to discuss education!

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ICYMI, Author Michael Eric Dyson at Book View Now

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This weekend, author Michael Eric Dyson sat down with PBS Book View Now host, Rich Fahle, to talk about his novel Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America.

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Re: Dream | She launched a lucrative clothing brand, then left it all to take on Detroit's opportunity gap.

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By her late 20s, Kyle Smitley had seemingly already achieved the American dream as a successful entrepreneur of an organic clothing company in California, but there was something missing.

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One Detroit program spreads the word to Michigan public health professionals

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DPTV’s Pathways to Prison looks at the school to prison pipeline, gains advocates statewide.

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From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Henning: Pain of trade will help make Tigers well eventually

Baseball seasons are long. Ian Kinsler tended to make them seem shorter.

Howes: GM’s ‘purse and purpose’ past gets radical re-do

No. 1 automaker cant afford to be all things to all people as it faces hard choices, uncertain mobility future

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