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Iraqi Deportation / Governor's Race / Michigan Business Incentives

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A federal judge in Detroit issues a preliminary injunction that gives Iraqi nationals picked up by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement more time to appeal impending deportations. In a special One Detroit report, we'll hear from one of the men detained in an Ohio facility and visit with his family in Warren, Michigan. Episode 613.

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7/20/17: Regional Transit Plan / Media Credibility

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Christy talks with SEMCOG Executive Director Kathleen Lomako about the push to get input from residents on a long range regional transportation plan. The MiWeek team discusses these latest efforts to improve regional transit in Southeast Michigan. Episode 612.

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7/13/17: Detroit Mayor's Race / Michigan Business Incentives / News Headlines

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We're just weeks away from the August primary for the Detroit Mayor's race. Mayor Duggan's biggest challenger, State Senator Coleman Young II, just revealed his plans to improve the city. The MiWeek team talks about Young's plan and sizes up the race. Episode 611.

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Top Stories

One Detroit Featured on Citylab: Fighting Gun Violence By Treating It Like a Disease

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As murder rates rise in Detroit, doctors at a local hospital are working to keep shooting victims from ending up back in the ER.

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Detroit Performs | Jessica Care Moore

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Poet and Artist Jessica Care Moore is sure to ingrain her work with the essence of Detroit as she encourages you to share the energy of her performance.

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An orange jumpsuit ahead for Ann Arbor detainee? “They will behead him in front of everyone,” his sister says

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Sarah Taymour of Ann Arbor said she’s been betrayed by the government. “My sister and I, we both served this country”, she said. “This is how they repay us?” Taymour and her sister Jowan were refugees from Iraq, had come to the United States, but returned to Iraq as civilian translators during the Iraq war. Now Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants to send their brother there.

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From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Niyo: It isn’t easy for NFL players to take a stand

As Tate told stories about Boldin, he also talked about him not being afraid of making a statement.

Howes: Job One for Hackett is delivering a faster Ford

Thats a delicate balancing act, the automotive equivalent of overhauling a Boeing 747 while its in flight

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