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2/22/18: School Safety / West Riverfront Development

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The mass shooting at a Florida school has led to debates in Michigan and across the country about school safety and gun control. The MiWeek team offers their perspectives on how to keep students safe and whether there should be stricter gun regulations. Episode 643.

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2/15/18: Regional Transit Plan / LUCK, INC.

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Talks come to a halt for a new regional transit plan for this year's ballot. Christy talks one-on-one with Wayne County Executive Warren Evans about the sticking points and what happens next. Plus, Nolan and Stephen weigh in on mass transit in southeast Michigan. Episode 642.

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2/8/18: Governor's Education Budget / MSU Crisis / Conyers' Seat

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Governor Rick Snyder proposes a large increase in the per-pupil funding for Michigan schools. The MiWeek team debates whether this is enough money and looks at how it is being spent. Episode 641.

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Top Stories

DPTV remembers Cliff Russell

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Detroit Public Television is saddened to hear of Cliff Russell’s passing last Sunday at age 61. Russell regularly hosted “Detroit Black Journal,” now “American Black Journal” on DPTV in the early 1990s.

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Chasing the Dream | A plan hatched in prison. Returning citizens help returning citizens.

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According to the National Institute of Justice, there's nearly a 68% recidivism rate within 3 years of release. In Detroit, LUCK, Inc. (an acronym for 'Learning Under Correct Knowledge') hopes to curb that trend by helping returning citizens, those newly released from prison, get back on track.

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DJC Partner, WDET | Redlining Laws Aren’t Making Much Of A Difference in Detroit

Posted by WDET on

“In the 21st Century, people of color are still turned away by banks and mortgage lenders even when they make the same amount of money,” says Senior Reporter Aaron Glantz.

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Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

Is This The Worst Pothole Season We've Ever Seen?

"I think folks all across the state are witnessing what has become an epic conversation."

Could Trump Be The President That Enacts Stricter Gun Control?

"He has floated a lot of different proposals, some of which are pretty surprising to hear a Republican president make."

From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Rubin: Larry Nassar's toxicity even sabotages book sales

Producer of MSU basketball volume blames him for slow sales; disgraced doctor also prompts cancellation of charity ball

Graham: Raised on dystopia, teenagers find their voice

Theyve been reading and watching The Hunger Games for years; it made an impression

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