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2/15/18: Regional Transit Plan / LUCK, INC.

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Talks come to a halt for a new regional transit plan for this year's ballot. Christy talks one-on-one with Wayne County Executive Warren Evans about the sticking points and what happens next. Plus, Nolan and Stephen weigh in on mass transit in southeast Michigan. Episode 642.

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2/8/18: Governor's Education Budget / MSU Crisis / Conyers' Seat

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Governor Rick Snyder proposes a large increase in the per-pupil funding for Michigan schools. The MiWeek team debates whether this is enough money and looks at how it is being spent. Episode 641.

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2/1/18: MSU & Nassar Case / State of the Union / Ralph Wilson

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The controversy grows at Michigan State University as former Michigan governor John Engler is appointed interim president, and MSU coaches come under scrutiny for other sexual abuse cases. The MiWeek team give their perspectives on the campus chaos.

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Top Stories

DJC Partner, WDET | Redlining Laws Aren’t Making Much Of A Difference in Detroit

Posted by WDET on

“In the 21st Century, people of color are still turned away by banks and mortgage lenders even when they make the same amount of money,” says Senior Reporter Aaron Glantz.

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A Detroit Deportee update: Two emotional goodbyes caught on camera. How are they now?

Last Updated by Bill Kubota on

One Detroit was there when Jorge Garcia and Maria Juarez were deported to Mexico. One Detroit's Bill Kubota receives updates from both on their new lives across the border.

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PBS NewsHour | Will Congress have an immigration breakthrough or breakdown?

Posted by PBS NewsHour on

PBS NewsHour has the latest on the immigration debate--Republicans are confident they have an immigration plan that would garner the president's support. The bill, however, doesn't have the Democratic support it needs, and is drawing criticism for its proposed cuts to legal immigration.

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Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

DACA Deadline Approaching Quickly--How Are Detroit Immigrants Reacting?

"Right now, the mood is quite dejected among people who are looking to secure a permanent solution."

MSU Fallout Continues As Lawmakers Consider Action

Should lawmakers withhold funding from MSU over the Nassar scandal?

From Nolan Finley, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News

Niyo: Senior Night tears don’t blur MSU’s desired end game

Were not done. Weve still got a lot of basketball to play, senior Lourawls Tum Tum Nairn told the crowd.

Wojo: MSU, UM hoops hopes riding heavily on the guards

Its all about seedings and ceilings this time of year. And dont look now, but theyre rising rapidly around here.

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