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Media That Matters

Community impact is how we measure success

Detroit Public TV and WRCJ 90.9 FM are proud to present stories of how our work is impacting the community. Download the latest Annual Report (30Mb PDF) for more detail.

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Arts & Culture

"We’re glad (WRCJ) exists, and we hope it continues to grow... If you know classical music, you know the basis for every type of music. That’s part of what I think makes Acer a good musician these days, is that he has the audio grounding in classical."

Heather Bowman-Tomlinson whose son Acer has listened to WRCJ since he was 4


One Detroit

"It was an extremely moving episode and we knew immediately that someway somehow we wanted to get involved with the church. It was a young man on there by the name of Dwight who was discussing some of the issues he was having just being a black young male...being a little older but understanding what some of those issues may be, that really hit home for me."

Corey Whitlock who moved his security company, Pad Genius, to Detroit after a “One Detroit” segment on the Church of the Messiah


Early Childhood Education

“They were holding their babies on their lap, when in the past, they would leave them in the stroller...Those are some of the visual signs that I’m reconnecting to you because now I want to be a part of your life. It’s not just my responsibility, but I’m falling in love with you again.”

Yolanda Eddins of New Paradigm Schools about the changes she sees in parents after Pre-School U


Great Lakes Now

"It was a phenomenal piece in terms of bringing recognition and awareness to the issue...It was a very impactful piece. We’ve shown it at a fundraising concert, and the people who saw it in the community were amazed by what was presented in that video."

Reverend Alex Hill of New Mount Hermon Church on the reaction to a DPTV report on environmental issues in Southwest Detroit