Beyond the Light Switch - Winner of the Dupont Award 2012

Beyond the Light Switch


An In-depth and Essential Addition to America's Energy Debate

A Detroit Public Television & Scientific American Production

Part 3 Premiered April 22 at 9pm ET on DPTV - Join us for a screening and discussion with host David Biello April 23, 3pm ET 

Winner of the DuPont-Columbia University award for journalistic excellence, Beyond the Light Switch 1 & 2 took viewers on an enlightening journey of discovery into the future of electricity. In this next installment, our host, Scientific American's David Biello, examines the need to de-carbonize the U.S. economy to guarantee our economic, energy, and environmental security.

In this new episode of Beyond the Light Switch 3, we focus on the electrification of the American economy – in transportation, shipping, airlines, even in the U.S. military and its importance to our national security. Our host, Scientific American’s David Biello, journeys across the country to examine America’s switch to electrification as a key strategy in reducing our foreign oil dependence while achieving our economic, environmental and energy security goals.

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Producer/Director Ed Moore 
At the helm of Beyond the Light Switch is award-winning producer/director Ed Moore. Ed is highly regarded by PBS for his insightful storytelling which conveys often highly technical information in a disarming, jargon-free manner. This skill set makes Ed a superb choice to organize the many disparate facts underpinning Beyond the Light Switch's subject matter into compelling, edifying, and highly accessible viewing.

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