Beyond the Light Switch - Winner of the Dupont Award 2012

Beyond the Light Switch

An In-depth and Essential Addition to America's Energy Debate

A Detroit Public Television & Scientific American production

Winner of the DuPont-Columbia University award for journalistic excellence, Beyond the Light Switch 1 & 2 took viewers on an enlightening journey of discovery into the future of electricity. In this next installment, our host, Scientific American's David Biello, examines the need to de-carbonize the U.S. economy to guarantee our economic, energy, and environmental security.

Coming up in Beyond the Light Switch 3 & 4:

  • The Electrification of America
  • Marines & Army Going Green
  • Port of Los Angeles & O'Hare Airport Rapid Move toward Electrification
  • Nuclear power – post Fukushima
  • Natural Gas – Windfall
  • Electric Vehicles – Ready for Primetime?
  • Solar power – Solar's Version of Moore's Law in Effect?
  • Geothermal – the Only Base Load Renewable

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Producer/Director Ed Moore 
At the helm of Beyond the Light Switch is award-winning producer/director Ed Moore. Ed is highly regarded by PBS for his insightful storytelling which conveys often highly technical information in a disarming, jargon-free manner. This skill set makes Ed a superb choice to organize the many disparate facts underpinning Beyond the Light Switch's subject matter into compelling, edifying, and highly accessible viewing.

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