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DJC Partner, Michigan Radio | Morningside 48224: Step up to the mic with MorningSide 48224

Last Updated by Imani Mixon on

What happens when community members lead the conversation about their community?

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American Black Journal | The Plot To Kill King, Cass Tech Scholarships

Last Updated by Michael Sellers on

American Black Journal delves into the decades long belief by some that Dr. King's assassination was the result of a government plot. And a Detroit entrepreneur gives back to his alma mater Cass Technical High School by awarding scholarships.

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A One Detroit Driving Tour of Southwest Detroit with Ozzie Rivera and Consuela Lopez

Last Updated by Bill Kubota on

Check out this extended look at the Southwest Detroit neighborhood by the One Detroit team and Southwest Detroit's Ozzie Rivera and Consuela Lopez.

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10/8/17: Ford Resource & Engagement Center / Step Afrika!

Last Updated by Cheryl Spitale Jones on

On the next American Black Journal: Ford Motor Company expands its commitment to Detroit neighborhoods by opening its second Resource and Engagement Center in the city. We'll get details on the support services and cultural activities offered to residents through the center. Plus, the Washington, D.C.-based dance company, Step Afrika!, combines the tradition of stepping with the paintings of Afri

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Making the Case for Young Children

Posted by Georgeann Herbert on

Hope Starts Here is focused on early childhood and educational services within Detroit for children from birth to age five. The initiative has engaged more than 6,500 center operators, teachers, researchers, and parents from across the city in community conversations and strategy meetings since the beginning of the year.

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4/9/17: Research on Cancer Survivors / Small Business Workshop

Last Updated by American Black Journal Editor on

On the next American Black Journal, Detroit is front and center in an unprecedented national study on African American cancer survivors. We'll talk with the lead researchers about what they hope to learn. Episode 4526.

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4/6/17: D.L.I.V.E. / New Detroit Riverfront Projects

Last Updated by MiWeek Editor on

A One Detroit special report on a program called D.L.I.V.E. (Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday) at Sinai Grace Hospital that is trying to reduce gun violence. Episode 550.

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3/30/17: Detroit Future City Housing Report

Last Updated by MiWeek Editor on

Anika Goss-Foster will join the MiWeek team for a closer look at Detroit Future City's newly-released housing report that shows the number of renters in Detroit has surpassed the number of homeowners. Episode 549.

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Lame Duck Session / Lead Pipe Removal / Delray Neighborhood

Last Updated by MiWeek Editor on

As state lawmakers prepare to wrap up for the year, there have been some surprises and disappointments in the lame duck session. The MiWeek team analyzes the most talked about items on the agenda. Episode 534.

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5/5/16: MiWeek Neighborhoods Special

Last Updated by Cheryl Spitale Jones on

Panelists discuss a number of hot-button issues facing the city’s residents: newcomers versus long-time residents; inclusiveness; the cultural corridor compared to the economic corridor; and entrepreneurship.

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5/24/18: Workforce of the Future | MiWeek Roadshow

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DJC Partner, Bridge Magazine | Foreclosed for the cost of an iPhone. That's life in Wayne County.

Posted by Sarah Alvarez on

A MorningSide View

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