American Black Journal/DPTV Visits the Neighborhood Where The Rebellion Began 50 Years Ago

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In the early morning hours of July 23, 1967, a Detroit police raid at 12th Street and Clairmount began what erupted  into a five-day civil disturbance, leading to 43 deaths, more than 7,000 arrests and 2,500 buildings destroyed.

Fifty years later much has changed in the city, and much hasn’t. What lies ahead for Detroit? 

To explore this question, American Black Journal hosted a community roadshow at the Joseph Walker Williams Center on what is now known as Rosa Parks Blvd., just blocks from the epicenter of the uprising.  More than 100 people from the local neighborhood and across the city attended the event, as host Stephen Henderson led a lively discussion of what happened in 1967 on the streets of Detroit, the lingering impact of those events today and, more importantly, where this neighborhood, the city and the larger region are headed in the future.

Watch the entire Roadshow: 

Detroiters JoAnn Watson, Loretta Holmes, and Kenneth Snodgrass - shared their personal stories about those tragic five days in July 1967:


Michigan Radio's Lester Graham and host Stephen Henderson are joined by Bill McGraw and Keith Owens from the Michigan Chronicle to talk about what has or hasn't changed in Detroit since 1967:


Detroit Police Chief James Craig shared his personal experiences moving up the ranks and implementing change in the Detroit Police Department:


Host Stephen Henderson spoke with leaders from two institutions that were founded with the goal of improving the quality of life for African Americans: Jason Lee, CEO of Focus: HOPE, and Roderick Gillum, Trustee Emeritus at New Detroit:


Eric Thomas (Saga Marketing) and Lauren Hood (Live6 Alliance) spoke with Stephen on how the events of 1967 are affecting the city’s future and the impact it’s having on Detroit’s emerging leaders:

One Detroit - Four million people. One story.

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