How do teacher expectations impact Detroit students?

Posted by Nathaniel Bozarth on

The One Detroit blog is always on the lookout for engaging content that reports on the most important issues Detroit residents face. Detroit is no stranger to the fight for equitable education for students, teachers, and families. This particular podcast from past collaborator, Brainroot Light & Sound, touches on Marquitta Fields's story of growing up in Detroit and demonstrates the power of context and awareness.

From Wide Ruled producer, Nathaniel Bozarth:
Detroit’s decline has been frequent subject of scrutiny, mockery, and curiosity for some time. While this episode was initially intended to document the history of Detroit’s schools, after talking to Marquitta Fields, it became clear that there was a more important story to tell in this moment. Through her story, explore the impact of teacher expectations and context as perspective-shaper.



From Wide Ruled:
Wide Ruled is Brainroot’s podcast on the past and present of equality in education. Wide Ruled features stories of educators and students fighting to improve education, always contextualized within the greater narrative of the history of American education.

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