Hamtramck’s ‘Safe Haven’ Schools

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Hamtramck is a small city surrounded on all sides by Detroit.

Long known as the region’s largest Polish enclave, in the past two decades Hamtramck’s Muslim population has grown, with immigrants and refugees from countries including Bosnia, Bangladesh and Yemen.

In the wake of the election of President Donald Trump, early this year, Hamtramck Public Schools adopted a resolution declaring the district a ‘safe haven’ for students.

The resolution seeks to protect students and their families from authorities looking for information on their immigrant status.

Then came Trump’s ‘travel ban’ in late January and similar ‘safe haven’ proclamations have been adopted by other school systems including the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor schools.

One Detroit looks into why ‘safe havens’ are necessary and how Muslim students in Hamtramck are dealing with Trump’s recent executive orders affecting immigrants and refugees.

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