One Detroit | DACA Explained

Last Updated by Michael Sellers on

DACA basics in less than 2 minutes as explained by immigration law expert Andrew Moore.

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Decision 2017: Detroit Mayoral Debate

Last Updated by Cheryl Spitale Jones on

WDIV-Local 4, The Detroit News and Detroit Public Television hosted Decision 2017: Detroit Mayoral Debate with candidates for mayor of Detroit at 8pm ET on Wednesday, October 25.

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Gordon Park, Detroit’s Ground Zero, 1967

Last Updated by Bill Kubota on

Riot? Rebellion? A city comes to terms with the ‘civil disturbance’ that changed everything.

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Detroit, 1967: Riot or Rebellion?

Last Updated by Bill Kubota on

Two weeks before the fiftieth anniversary of the July 24, 1967 police raid that set off a week of looting, fires, shootings and killings across the city, Detroit public radio host Stephen Henderson talked about what we should call that historic event.

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DJC | The Bridge Comes to Delray

Posted by Lea Vigi on

Detroit’s downtrodden Delray neighborhood has been waiting for the new bridge to Canada for well over a decade.

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DJC | Crime & Punishment in Michigan

Last Updated by Lea Vigi on

The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country, but America’s “get tough on crime” era may be coming to an end.

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Black American Since MLK: And Still I Rise

Last Updated by Zosette Guir on

DPTV hosted a multi-faceted discussion around "Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise."

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House Bill 4138: Criminal Justice Reform in Michigan

Posted by Lea Vigi on

The Michigan Department of Correction’s budget this year tops $2 billion. The state spends about $35,000 a year for each of the 42,000 inmates behind prison walls.

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Canton to River Rouge | Detroit Journalism Cooperative

Posted by Lea Vigi on

In Michigan, Schools of Choice has created legions of transient students looking for better opportunities in other schools, sometimes far away from home.

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Regional Transit Plan Rejection Brings Back Recent Memories

Last Updated by Ed Moore on

Goodwill toward Detroit seemed to be at all time high. Media outlets around the world clamor for Detroit content. Mike Duggan was one of very few mayors invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Prodigal former Detroiters like MSNBC’s Ron Fournier are moving back to help write the comeback story.

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DJC: The Intersection - Chapter three: Poverty

Last Updated by Cheryl Jones on

In chapter 3, the Detroit Journalism Cooperative takes an in-depth look at poverty in Detroit as a microcosm of impoverishment plaguing America. This is a multi-platform view highlighting alternative and multicultural viewpoints that affect more than 46 million Americans. Included in this chapter is a detailed look at the history of poverty in Detroit, the daily obstacles, race and more...

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5/24/18: Workforce of the Future | MiWeek Roadshow

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DJC Partner, Bridge Magazine | Foreclosed for the cost of an iPhone. That's life in Wayne County.

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