21 Days to Exile: Maria’s Diary, part 1 - Staying Strong

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 Detroit Public Television’s One Detroit is documenting the last days of a 23-year-old Detroiter scheduled to be deported later this month, May 2017. 
  Maria Garcia Juarez has lived in Michigan since 2011, married to a US citizen with a one-and-a-half year old son, also a US citizen.
  But Juarez herself is an undocumented alien, entering the US from Mexico as an undocumented alien at only eight months old. She grew up in Salinas CA where as a juvenile she had trouble with the law. After moving to Michigan she’s been gainfully employed, taking college classes, with a clean criminal record since.
  Now she’s been told by Immigration and Customs Enforcement she must leave the country in 21 days. 
  She doesn’t want to take her son, who has medical issues she fears can’t be properly treated in Mexico. And now, her husband has advanced leukemia. 
  This is the first installment of her video diary, as she counts down her days to her departure.
Maria’s Diary - Staying Strong - May 4, 2017
“I probably you know, won’t be here in a few  weeks so I do try to enjoy and take each day day by day and enjoy being with my family, my son especially, just value every minute every second, every day that you have. That’s all you can really do at this point is be strong because you can’t break down. You absolutely can’t break down, you have to be strong and it’s something I really can’t i really can’t be strong i just want to break down and cry and i want to run but I can’t. So, i am going to stay strong and stay hopeful and (   ) that a miracle or something can happen, that someone can help me.”

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Maria's Story

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