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DPTV eNews: Big Blue Live

Big Blue Live

Join us for a LIVE 3-night television event exploring amazing marine life 

Big Blue Live celebrates a wildlife success story and marine animal phenomenon:  whales, sea lions, seals, otters, sharks and more all convene in Monterey Bay once a year. Premiering 8/31 at 8pm ET. Learn more >

ienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2015

Great Performances Sunday, 8/30 at 1:30pm ET. Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2015 - Conductor Zubin Mehta leads the Vienna Philharmonic in its traditional open-air concert at Austria's Schönbrunn Palace Gardens.


Vicious Sunday, 8/30 at 10:30pm ET. Season 2 begins with back-to-back episodes. In episode 1, Violet panics when her wealthy sister announces a visit. And in episode 2, Freddie and Stuart join Ash's gym.

Detroit Performs Live

Detroit Performs Live TICKET GIVEAWAY! We're giving away three pairs of complimentary tickets to Detroit Performs LIVE. Let us know what your favorite concert to air on Detroit Public Television is. To enter, email your answer to

This Week's Highlights
Howell Opera House Detroit Performs Tuesday, 8/25 7:30pm ET. This week's special episode looks at the past, present and future of the Howell Opera House, with an emphasis on how it impacts and enriches the surrounding community.
A Few Good Pie Places A Few Good Pie Places Tuesday, 8/25 at 8pm ET. A celebration, a travelogue and an hour-long portrait of some wonderful people across America who make and eat pies.
A Few Great Bakeries A Few Great Bakeries Tuesday, 8/25 at 9:30pm ET. A tour of memorable, mostly family-run bakeries. Celebrate these few bakeries and be inspired to look for more great ones all across America.
POV Point and Shoot POV Tuesday, 8/25 at 11pm ET. Point and Shoot - The amazing tale of Matt VanDyke, who left his home in 2006 in search of a "crash course in manhood" and ended up amidst a revolution.
Nature Siberian Tiger Quest Nature Wednesday, 8/26 at 8pm ET. Siberian Tiger Quest - Travel to the forests of eastern Russia to meet wildlife filmmaker Sooyong Park, who is the first to record endangered Siberian tigers in their natural habitat.
The Doctor Blake Mysteries The Doctor Blake Mysteries Thursday, 8/27 at 11pm ET. Premiere. Australian WWII veteran Doctor Lucien Blake returns home to Ballarat after 30 years to take over the local medical practice and solve crimes.
Eamonn McCrystal: The Music of Northern Ireland Eamonn McCrystal: The Music of Northern Ireland Saturday, 8/29 at 9pm ET. Travel to Belfast, Ireland as the Irish Pop Tenor headlines this concert featuring songs such as Moondance, Danny Boy and others.
Father Brown The Deadly Seal Father Brown Sunday, 8/30 at 7pm ET. The Deadly Seal - Father Brown finds himself in an impossible situation when he is told, under the seal of confession, that Bishop Talbot will be assassinated tomorrow.
Sherlock Sherlock Sunday, 8/30 at 9pm ET. The Reichenbach Fall - Reruns of Sherlock will air all throughout September. In the Season 2 finale, the sleuth's reputation is in tatters after Moriarty pulls off three ingenious capers in a day.


Detroit Performs presents Live from The Carr Center

Teddy Harris Carr Center

Detroit Performs brings you must-see live performances online directly from the Carr Center!  8/27 at 6pm ET features 18 piece big band New Breed Be Bop Orchestra playing tribute to Michigan Jazz Master Teddy Harris. Watch here >

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