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DPTV eNews: Grantchester Season 2 finale


It's a day of reckoning on the finale of Grantchester

The second season of the popular mystery series starring James Norton and Robson Green concludes on Masterpiece. On Sunday5/1, at 9pm ET, Sidney seeks oblivion; his friend Sam seeks forgiveness; a dead girl's parents seek revenge; Amanda seeks Sidney; and Leonard takes a stand. 

National Parks: America's Best Idea

National Parks: America's Best Idea Tuesday-Saturday, 4/26-4/30 at 9pm ET. Relive the epic scenery as Ken Burns takes you on a chronological journey through the inspiration and development behind America’s most beloved preserved lands.

Wizard of Boulder Park

Wizard of Boulder Park Monday, 5/2 at 10pm ET. Documentary on the life and art of "mushroom home" designer Earl Young, whose "fairy tale" homes in Charlevoix, MI draw visitors from all over the world.

Holocaust Remembered

To commemorate the National Holocaust Day of Remembrance, DPTV will broadcast seven programs documenting historic people and events surrounding WWII and the Holocaust May 1-16. See below for the first three of these programs.

This Week's Highlights
Spectacular-Sculptors-Detroit-Performs.jpg Detroit Performs Tuesday, 4/26 at 7:30pm ET. Tim Shoemaker combines natural artistic talent with welding and metal-smithing skills; and Artist Robert Sestok fills a Detroit park with his sculptures.
American Experience The Big Burn American Experience Tuesday, 4/26 at 8pm ET. The Big Burn - The story of a 1910 wildfire that devoured more than three million acres across the Northern Rockies, including the impact on the nation's fire policy.
Red Rock Serenade Red Rock Serenade Saturday, 4/30 at 11pm ET. A tour of the iconic red rock country of the American West visits Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Grand Canyon national parks; and features a soundtrack of classical music.
Treblinka's Last Witness Treblinka's Last Witness Sunday, 5/1 at 1:30pm ET. Samuel Willenberg, now 92 years old, is the last living survivor of the Treblinka death camp. Samuel re-tells his story in this moving documentary.
Goering’s Last Secret Goering’s Last Secret Sunday, 5/1 at 3pm ET. Unfolds the story of Albert Goering, the brother of the notorious Nazi, Herman Goering. During the war, he used his famous name to rescue many Jews from the clutches of the Nazis.
The Men and Machines That Beat Hitler
The Men and Machines That Beat Hitler Sunday, 5/1 at 4pm ET. The story of the veterans who fought in the 5th Royal Tank Regiment during WWII - a team of ordinary men who faced the front line in both Europe and beyond.
Call the Midwife 5.5 Call the Midwife Sunday, 5/1 at 8pm ET. Dr. Turner opens a clinic for respiratory issues; Fred runs Violet's shop when she's sidelined by a back injury; and a new mother's past wreaks havoc on her family.
Mr. Selfridge Mr. Selfridge Sunday, 5/1 at 10pm ET. A former employee is laid to rest; Frank and Kitty come to an understanding; Grove confronts Tilly; and Jimmy, though possibly a wanted man, makes the deal of his life.
Harry's Arctic Heroes Harry's Arctic Heroes Sunday, 5/1 at 11pm ET. Prince Harry joins four soldiers wounded in the conflict in Afghanistan on an ambitious charity trek to the North Pole.
Antiques Roadshow Detroit Antiques Roadshow Monday, 5/2 at 9pm ET. Detroit - Conclusion. Items include a signed letter from Charles Schulz that includes a drawing of Linus; and letters from Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.


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