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DPTV eNews: Masterpiece's 'The Paradise' Returns


Love and intrigue in a Victorian-era British department store - The Paradise premieres Sunday 9/28 at 8 pm ET

The Season 2 premiere of The Paradise finds Moray, who's spent the past year apart from Denise in Paris, returning to the Paradise in an attempt to reverse its floundering fortunes for its new owners - Katherine and her new husband, Tom. Watch Preview >


America After Ferguson Friday, 9/26 at 8pm ET. Moderated by PBS NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill, the town hall discussion explores the many issues that have been brought into public discourse in the wake of Michael Brown’s death.


American Graduate Day Saturday, 9/27 from 11am-6pm ET. An outreach event marking a long term commitment to helping communities tackle the nation’s dropout crisis and preparing students for success with a high school diploma. Included: the efforts of community-based organizations to help at-risk students.


Makers Tuesday, 9/30 at 9pm ET. Women in Comedy - The Season 2 premiere details the rise of women in the world of comedy; and features remarks from Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGeneres, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, Jane Lynch, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman and Lily Tomlin.

This Week's Highlights
Moone-Boy.jpg Moone Boy Thursday, 9/25 at 11:00pm ET. Comedy about a young boy growing up in rural Ireland and navigating life with the help of a thirtysomething imaginary friend (Chris O'Dowd).
Bonamassa-Acoustic.jpg Joe Bonamassa: An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House Saturday, 9/27 at 10:30pm ET. The blues rock guitarist and singer performs an acoustic concert in the iconic Vienna Opera House in Vienna, Austria from 2012.
Live-from-Lincoln-Center-Sweeney-Todd.jpg Live From Lincoln Center Sunday, 9/28 at 2pm ET. 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' in Concert With the New York Philharmonic - Watch Stephen Sondheim's iconic "Sweeney Todd" featuring Emma Thompson.
Miss-Marple.jpg Miss Marple: Endless Night Sunday, 9/28 at 9pm ET. The "Miss Marple" season finale, "Endless Night," finds the sleuth investigating a supposed gypsy curse that killed a chauffeur's wife as well as several others.
Hispanic-Heritage-Awards-Zoe-Saldana.jpg The Hispanic Heritage Awards Monday, 9/29 at 10pm ET. The honorees of the 27th annual event are celebrated at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C., including Zoe Saldaña and the 65th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army, popularly known as the Borinqueneers.
Detroit-Performs-WRCJ.jpg Detroit Performs Tuesday, 9/30 at 7:30pm ET. Artist and music producer Darold Gholston follows his creative soul after a fluke accident; muralist Kate Paul gains a new perspective on her work with Gilda’s Club; and a near tragedy gives painter GC Myers a new outlook on art.
Finding-Your-Roots-small.jpg Finding Your Roots Tuesday, 9/30 at 8pm ET. Derek Jeter, Billie Jean King and Rebecca Lobo, athletes whose determination and love of sports were deeply shaped by their families, were each cut off from their true origins.  
Rise-of-the-Black-Phaorohs.jpg Rise of the Black Pharaohs Wednesday, 10/1 at 10pm ET. Archaeologists Geoff Emberling and Tim Kendell dig into the past to tell the story of Kush, an ancient Nubian state in what is now Sudan, where the mysterious Black Pharaohs lived.

Michigan Gubernatorial Town Hall Forum


Detroit Public Television, The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press will co-host a Michigan Gubernatorial Town Hall Forum featuring Republican Governor Rick Snyder and Democrat Congressman Mark Schauer Sunday, 10/12, at 6pm ET. Learn more > 

Huron-Clinton Metroparks

Johnny Appleseed.jpg

Come to the Johnny Appleseed Festival at Wolcott Mill Metropark Historic Center September 28 at 1pm. Learn More >


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