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DPTV eNews: MAKERS: Women Who Make America


MAKERS: Six documentaries about amazing women

The MAKERS project features groundbreaking American women in different spheres of influences. Tuesday, 10/28, at 9pm ET watch a new episode about Women in Business. And watch On Demand: Women in Comedy, Hollywood, Space, and War.

America by the Numbers With Maria Hinojosa Wednesday, 10/29 at 11:30pm ET. A new documentary series that focuses on the dramatic demographic shifts currently taking place in this country. Episode 2 looks at some of the country’s most underserved veterans.


Death Comes to Pemberley Sunday, 11/2 at 10pm ET. Conclusion. Elizabeth investigates the murder and fears for her marriage as Pemberley is shaken to its very foundation by the events surrounding the murder in Pemberley woods.


MiWeek Election Special 2014 Monday, 11/3 at 7pm ET. Get a preview of what to watch for locally in the election Tuesday, November 4th!

This Week's Highlights
Detroit-Performs-featured.jpg Detroit Performs Tuesday, 10/28 at 7:30pm ET. Evolutionist and artist Dominic Pangborn's creativity is constantly sparked, and craftsman Gary Zimnicki uses reclaimed floorboards and ceilings to craft ukeleles and mandolins.
Finding-Your-Roots-small.jpg Finding Your Roots Tuesday, 10/28 at 8pm ET. We Come From People - Rapper Nas, Angela Bassett, and Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Obama, trace their roots into the heart of slavery.
Frontline-The-Rise-of-ISIS.jpg  FRONTLINE Tuesday, 10/28, at 10pm ET. The Rise of ISIS - The brutal Islamist group's rise to power is examined. Included: the problems in Iraq that occurred after the U.S. withdrawal; and what it means for the U.S. to be fighting there again.
Independent-Lens-Brakeless.jpg Independent Lens Tuesday, 10/28 at 11pm ET. Brakeless - An examination of a 2005 train crash in Osaka, Japan, in which a commuter train carrying 700 passengers hit an apartment building, killing 107 people, including the driver.
NOVA-First-Air-War.jpg NOVA Wednesday, 10/29 at 9pm ET. First Air War - The evolution of warplanes during World War I is recalled. In the space of a few years, they graduated from rickety biplanes to efficient killing machines.
How-We-Got-to-Now-small.jpg How We Got to Now Wednesday, 10/29 at 10pm ET. Light - How light changed the world. Included: Edison's light bulb; an 18th-century ship's skipper's discovery of a source of illumination; a French scientist's accidental discovery of neon light.
Curious-George-Hallloween.jpg Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest Friday, 10/31 at 8am ET. George and Allie try to determine whether a myth about a hat-kicking scarecrow that haunts the countryside on Halloween is true. George also has to decide on a costume to wear to the Boo Festival.
Trans-Siberian-Orchestra.jpg Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Birth of Rock Theater Saturday, 11/1 at 9pm ET. The past, present and future of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, featuring interview segments and performance footage, including clips from their Beethoven's Last Night tour.
The Paradise The Paradise Sunday, 11/2 at 8pm ET.  Moray and Tom both raise the stakes in their quest to control the Paradise; Denise pursues her own plan; and Edmund faces a health crisis.
Feel-Grand-leader.jpg Feel Grand Monday, 11/3 at 7:30pm ET. Nutrition - Eating healthier is a big part of the feel-grand prescription, but how do we change our bad habits and adopt a better diet into our everyday lives? Nutritionist Pam Peeke shares healthy snacks and meals.
Edward-VIII-Nazi-King.jpg Edward VIII: The Nazi King Monday, 11/3 at 10pm ET.  The story of Edward VIII, who was king of England until he relinquished his crown to marry Wallis Simpson, focusing on his pro-Nazi sympathies, including an alleged plot to return him to the throne.

DSO Live from Orchestra Hall


Enjoy live concerts by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra! Guest maestro James Gaffigan leads Beethoven's immortal Fifth Symphony. Watch the live webcast Sunday, November 2nd, at 3pm ET at or listen live on WRCJ 90.9FM here >

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