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DPTV eNews: National Memorial Day Concert

 National Memorial Day Concert

Live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, watch National Memorial Day Concert

On the eve of Memorial Day, 5/29 at 8pm ET, a star-studded lineup will grace the stage for an American tradition, honoring the military service and sacrifice of all our men and women in uniform, their families at home and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Genius by Stephen Hawking

Genius by Stephen Hawking Wednesday, 5/25 at 9pm ET. Follow the team’s truly mind-bending challenge: Can they work out why they exist at all?

American Masters The Highwaymen

American Masters Friday, 5/27 at 10pm ET. The story of the Highwaymen, the country supergroup that consisted of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

TED Talks War and Peace

TED Talks Monday, 5/30 at 7:30pm ET. War and Peace - Features men and women who have experienced every aspect of war for a look at the devastating impact of war in our world.

This Week's Highlights
Detroit Performs Detroit Performs Tuesday, 5/24 at 7:30pm ET. Hip Hop artist Nique Love Rhodes shares her inspiring message; and Lo & Behold Records hosts an ongoing live music series. 
Genealogy Roadshow: Miami Genealogy Roadshow Tuesday, 5/24 at 8pm ET. A woman suspects she's related to Pocahontas; another woman discovers her grandfather's secret past; and a man learns about his Filipino heritage.
Secrets of Dead Teotihuacan's Lost Kings Secrets of the Dead Tuesday, 5/24 at 9pm ET. Teotihuacan's Lost KingsArchaeologists explore hidden chambers beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacán. 
Frontline Business of Disaster FRONTLINE Tuesday, 5/24 at 10pm ET. Business of Disaster - An examination of the money to be made from disasters with focus on Superstorm Sandy, including the thousands still displaced from their homes.
Yanni Live at the Pyramids Yanni Live At The Pyramids Saturday, 5/28 at 10:30pm ET. Filmed at the Great Pyramids of Giza, Yanni performs classic compositions from throughout his career.
American War Stories: Vietnam American War Stories: Vietnam Sunday, 5/29 at 3pm ET. This three-part chronicle of the Vietnam War, which features first-hand accounts of men and women who were there, begins with U.S. involvement in early '60s.
Heroes on Deck: WWII on Lake Michigan Heroes on Deck: WWII on Lake Michigan Sunday, 5/29 at 11pm ET. The story of a U.S. Navy training operation on Lake Michigan during WWII, when some 15,000 pilots trained to land and take off from makeshift aircraft carriers.
Navy Heroes of Normandy Navy Heroes of Normandy Sunday, 5/29 at 10pm ET. WWII veterans recall the U.S. Navy's role in the D-Day landing tied to the 2008 dedication of a U.S. Navy monument at Utah Beach in Normandy.


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