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WTVS Detroit Public Television is the viewer-supported PBS member station serving the nation's 11th largest television market.

We operate our television services from the Riley Broadcast Center in Wixom, Michigan, named for the lead donors to our Capital Campaign, George and Dolores Riley.  We operate a radio station, WRCJ 90.9 FM licensed to Detroit Classical and Jazz Educational Radio, LLC., and managed by Detroit Public TV  and the Detroit Educational Television Foundation Board of Trustees; a Midtown TV studio in Detroit in partnership with Wayne State University; and our Detroit Bureau is located within the Detroit Historical Museum.  Our High Definition production truck can go anywhere. 

Now celebrating 11 years on the air, WRCJ 90.9 FM and HD-1 is a listener supported classical & jazz music public radio station licensed to Detroit Classical and Jazz Educational Radio, LLC., and managed by Detroit Public Television and the Detroit Educational Television Foundation Board of Trustees.  The station is located inside the Detroit School of Arts, a public high school training young people for careers in performing, visual and media arts.

Our vision is for a community in which people trust public media to help them discover new ideas, make informed decisions, and enjoy enriched lives.

We offer ten hours of PBS KIDS programs each weekday, along with national and international news, PBS favorites and classic films.

Our digital subchannels offer additional scheduling of public TV programming on 56.4 WORLD channel, how-to and travel programs on 56.3 Create, and children's programming on 56.2 Detroit PBS KIDS.

Detroit Public TV is notably active in the community producing local programs that showcase arts, culture, news and analysis; and educational outreach campaigns that use the power of media to provide knowledge and understanding.

Detroit Public Television is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization. DPTV is licensed under the name Detroit Educational Television Foundation WTVS-Channel 56 in Detroit, and operates under the names DPTV, Detroit Public TV, Channel 56, and WTVS and www.dptv.org.

Services Provided

Detroit Public TV’s HD Production truck can help provide your business or organization with a better way to showcase its products and services.

Digital Television

Digital Coverage Map

Map Key:*
White = extremely strong
Red-yellow-green = quite strong
Cyan = advisable to move the antenna up to the second floor or attic
Blue = it's probably necessary to install a good antenna on the roof
Purple = quite weak

*Please understand that this is a simulation and can only be treated as a rough approximation. Reception at your location is affected by many factors such as multipath, antenna gain, receiver sensitivity, buildings, and trees - which are not taken into account. Your mileage may vary.

DPTV’s 4 Digital Channels

WTVS Detroit Public Television offers four free, over the air channels:

  • 56.1 DPTV lets viewers watch the primary schedule of Channel 56, with the full variety of our programs, including most programs in high definition when available.
  • 56.2 Detroit PBS KIDS is dedicated to showing your favorite PBS KIDS programming 24/7.
  • 56.3 CREATE is our 24-hour service of public television's most popular how-to shows, from cooking to crafting, to home improvement, to travel shows.
  • 56.4 WORLD features public tv's signature documentary, science, and news programming complemented by original content.

If your cable, telco, or satellite company does not carry WTVS's additional channels, please let their customer services representatives know you want WTVS 56. 2, 56.3, and 56.4 added to their lineup. Thanks to the companies that already do!

See what's on by checking our Digital Program Schedule.

Unable to find our DTV channel on your over-the-air digital receiver?

Occasionally a receiver may lose some of the channel information that is stored in its memory. If you are unable to tune to our digital channel 43 (virtual sub-channels 56.1, 56.2, 56.3, 56.4), go to the menu in your receiver and perform a channel scan. This should add the missing channel(s) and allow you to switch to our channel using your receiver's remote control.

How to Report Reception Difficulties

If you are watching our digital channel and have reception difficulties, please send a reception report to dtv@dptv.org. Please include:

  • your location (or zip code),
  • receiver/tuner brand and model,
  • antenna type and location, and
  • any other information that may be useful in our efforts to assist you with your reception difficulties.
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